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    Carol Acquilano
    Carol Acquilano - New York, USA
    Landscapes and abstractions.
    Emiko Aida
    Emiko Aida - London, UK
    My works are the visual equivalent of the Haiku, the Japanese 17 syllable verse. I invite the viewer to use their imagination and engage with my imagery: dew, raindrops, rainstorms and rain-drenched flowers. My medium is Aquatint, similar to Etching.
    Manoela Afonso- Brazil
    Offers colorgraphs, linocuts, and drawings.
    Harry Agema
    Harry Agema- Noord Holland, Netherlands
    There's a lot of "music" (read rythm) in my printed works. It is: contemporary abstract - clearcoloured and small or large. I made more than 300 editions
    Dan Allegrucci- North Carolina, USA
    "I work primarily in woodcut as well as etching and serigraphy. I'm inspired by German Expressionists, Pop art, and the crazy world around me." - Dan
    alleman owl and myself
    Heinz Allemann- Switzerland
    "I have been doing printmaking for 37 years. I also do mixing the medias of Litho, Wood and Linoprinting." - Heinz
    Jennifer Anderson - printmakers info thumbnail
    Jennifer Anderson - Vermont, USA
    Etchings, drypoints, collagraphs and lithographs - most of my work stems from the natural world, combined with the occassional stream of poetry.
    Todd Anderson - Illinois USA
    Todd Anderson - Illinois USA
    Ambitious, detailed, mixed media prints.
    Ulrika Andersson - Stockholm, Sweden
    Ulrika Andersson - Stockholm, Sweden
    I mostly do silkscreen when it comes to printmaking. But I love to mix medias and I do a lot of collage and painting too.
    Maria Arango - Nevada USA
    "I almost exclusively make woodcuts and wood engravings with my principal subjects being the human figure and the desert that surrounds me. I often entangle both human and nature in what has been deemed "organic balance." I make my living exclusively by selling my art across the country." - Maria
    Arlington, Viza
    Viza Arlington- Washington, USA
    I love working in all the printmaking techniques but most of my prints are intaglio, relief and monotypes. My work is all over the place as for as subject matter and even style. I’m not sure if this is a problem but it’s just how I am, everything is interesting to me and worth exploring in my art. I carry a little sketch book with me everywhere and sketch whatever catches my eye or if get an idea or remember a dream that was particularly amusing I write it down and work out the imagery latter when I’m in my studio.
    Dave Arnold - printmakers  thumbnail
    Dave Arnold - United Kingdom
    He is an eclectic multi media artist utilising screen & mono printing, painting, photography, film, sculpture, performance, acting, music, poetry and prose in his work. All screen prints are limited runs, 20 or under.
    Heather Assaf - Ontario, Canada
    Heather Assaf - Ontario, Canada
    I am an intaglio printmaker and mixed media painter. My current focus is with collagraphs and non-toxic etchings and my subject matter is mainly non-objective and abstract images.
    First sight,Rudstone
    Michael Atkin- North Yorkshire, England
    Printmaker of 35 years experience, limited edition etchings (figurative/ narrative/landscapes) lino-cuts and books
    Michael Azzano - Washington, USA
    Michael Azzano - Washington, USA
    Relief, Intaglio and everything else print like... I love it all!!
    Jamshed Aziz - Punjab Lahore Pakistan
    Jamshed Aziz - Punjab Lahore Pakistan
    My work is based on religious holly messages, which tells as truth of God and the way of living peacefully in this world.