About Us
    I am Robert Viana. The Founder, Webmaster (ha!), and Handyman for this website. I am a printmaker, and have been for about 10 or more years now. Basically, aside from the expert help from Lawrence, this is a one man show here at www.printmakers.info.
    This website was brought about by a simple idea (not even a new idea) and plan. I wanted to make a place for printmakers of the world to link there own websites to and be able to find other printmakers in their own areas or in areas that they were interested in. It seemed to me that the easiest way of doing this was to put an alphabetical printmakers name list and a map. Simple right?
    ahh .. No.
    Design issues and space were an issue from the start. I am new to web building. I had a lot to learn, in a very short time.
    I wanted the site to be fun and attractive, yet useful at the same time. But how? What better way to do this than feature the printmaking artists that were listed here on the front page in a rotating cycle. I added a few key features, like "The Listings, and Exchange Opportunites" and SHAZAM! The site was born.
    It is growing at a fantastic rate. And as long as I can keep up with it, it will continue to grow better and better. I always welcome any comments and suggestions.
    This has been made by printmakers, for printmakers.
    This site will be FREE to every printmaking artist in the world. I am planning for it to always be FREE! Amen!
    Thanks for Playing!