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    Laszlo Bagi - PA, USA
    Laszlo Bagi - PA, USA
    My serigrahps are planned and color separations are drawn (could be as many as 20 separate drawings); each print is hand printed by me - one color, one sheet at a time. Each print is unique - the result of slow, careful process.
    Colin Bailey- East Sussex, U. K.
    Ryepress - Colin Bailey- East Sussex, U. K.
    Limited edition etchings, paintings and giclee prints of Rye, Hastings and the East Sussex coast
    baren - Welcome to the Baren Forum and the world of woodblock printmaking.
    Brian Barry - Cork, Ireland
    Brian Barry - Cork, Ireland
    Currently working with photo etchings and screenprinting. Working towards an exhibition of Photo Etchings from Pinhole negatives taken in Cuba.
    Mariana Bartolomeo - Texas, USA
    Mariana Bartolomeo - Texas, USA
    I work in relief printing and montage. My subject matter is fundamentally the contemplative metaphor and meditative moments in time.
    Mark Beam
    Mark Beam- California, USA
    Monoprints,silkscreen,sculpture....I'm working on combining printmaking and sculpture.
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    David Beattie- Wales, U.K.
    David Beattie is a working printmaker of over twenty-five years experience. His works have been exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions and published in Christies Contemporary Art catalogues. Working from his studio/gallery in the rural Welsh village of Llandygwydd. David produces a range of finely detailed rural landscape, livestock and market character studies capturing the everyday sights and scenes that make this part of Wales unique. He is fond of Hares.
    Tania Beaumont - Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Tania Beaumont - Abu Dhabi, UAE
    In addition to the traditional printmaking methods of etching, aquatint and mezzotint, Tania incorporates cut-card and inscribed metal into the plates - and chine colle 'graffiti' papers into the prints.
    Rachel Beckett- Buckinghamshire, UK
    Rachel Beckett works in the unusual technique of multicolour wood engraving: a range of colours are built up by overlaying impressions from three separate engraved blocks. She also uses the traditional black-and-white. Her subjects are mainly taken from poetry, though recently a flight across Siberia prompted a series of twenty-one prints. Her interests are in book illustration, and in promoting the under-rated qualities of rationalism and beauty within the practice of visual art.
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    Louise Bird - Norwich, UK
    Analysing the beauty and complexity of nature and examining the many life cycles found in the natural world has always been the main objective in my work. The study of insects, predominantly bees, has been a major influence on my prints, analysing their language, habitat and behaviour from a scientific perspective before producing the artwork.
    Annie Bissett- Massachusetts, USA
    A veteran illustrator whose woodblock printmaking focuses on moku hanga, the traditional Japanese method.
    Lori Biwer-Stewart - Iowa, USA
    Lori Biwer-Stewart - Iowa, USA
    Original Linocuts. Beauty, Mystery and Spirit are the main themes of my linocut prints. symbolic images such as birds, keys, and doors are added and encourage personal interpretations and self-reflection.
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    Tony Bowden - Ohio, USA
    variuos printmaking
    Brannigan, Colleen Corradi
    Colleen Corradi Brannigan- Pescara, Italy
    I work with monoprints, etching, lithography and whatever pleases my eye.
    nikki braunton
    Nikki Braunton- London, UK
    Printmaker etchings lives in London
    Brennan, Joshua
    Joshua Brennan- Indiana, USA
    Visual artist working in a range of mediums, including, but not limited to printmedia. I boycott censorship and hold an interest in blurring the semblance of high and low art.
    John Brisson
    John Brisson- California, USA
    Two woodblock reduction print
    Mary Brodbeck
    Mary Brodbeck- Michigan, USA
    Uses the traditional Japanese methods in her woodblock printmaking. Her subject is most often the Great Lakes.
    "I am compelled to use my native waters as a vehicle of expression in my art. I also love to swim in them." - Mary
    Gail Brodholt- Kent, U.K.
    A printer and oil painter living in South East London.
    Collette Broeders
    Collette Broeders - Ontario, Canada
    I explore personal experiences as well as my own religious discord through a variety of printmaking techniques including: Lithography, Collographs, Monotypes, Monoprints, and a variety of Etchings.
    Jim Bryant - Kentucky USA
    Jim Bryant - Kentucky USA
    Wood block prints, etchings, artist books .
    kylie Budge
    Kylie Budge - Victoria, Australia
    I make Japanese style woodblock prints using non-toxic watercolour inks and beautiful Japanese paper such as kozo. The prints are hand-printed using a traditional 'baren' disc.
    Stuart Bullen- London, England
    Stuart is an experienced artist printmaker. His images are colourful and combine a variety of elements. He uses various techniques including linocut, lithography and monoprinting. Much of his work is created on his own hand-made paper made from recycled materials and plant fibres.
    Jim Butler- Dublin, Ireland
    Produces drawings, etchings, screenprints, woodcuts, linocuts and artist's books as well as teaching at Manchester Metropolitan University