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    Libby Cagle
    Libby Cagle - Florida and West Virgina, USA
    Although I have been painting for many years, it has been only about a year that I was introduced to monotype. Our local museum has open studio for the press on Fridays and whenever I am in town I am there. I think what I like best about monotype is that it allows me leave out the details and to just suggest things. This in turn has helped me loosen up some in other mediums. I have made a conscious effort to make Florida the subject of most of my monotypes.
    Ellen Carranza - New York, USA
    Ellen Carranza - New York, USA
    Etchings, monotypes. I enjoy showing the colorful animals in the world and nature from my point of view.
    Be very expressive and spontaneous with monotypes.
    Susanne Clark - Georgia, USA
    Susanne Clark - Georgia, USA
    My main focus recenly has been a series of collagraph prints based loosely on the kimono and happy coat shape however I recently bought my own press and I am now experimenting with other processes.
    Helen Clarke - Western Australia, Australia
    Helen Clarke - Western Australia, Australia
    My artwork enables me to record my thoughts and create images about our local and distant environment which is increasingly fragile and endangered.
    I am currently working on etchings and linocuts exploring the landscape and inhabitants of Australia.
    Caruso, Pamela Conway - Louisiana USA
    Pamela Conway Caruso- Louisiana USA
    Nature-related, non-traditonal, contemporary printmaking..."Watercolor Intaglio", Intaglio, Relief, Monoprints & Monotypes, Photo-Laser-Litho
    Samuel Casal- Brazil
    Linoleum and woodcuts.
    Daniel Cautrell - Printmakers info thumbnail
    Daniel Cautrell - Washington, USA
    I print in linoleum print and woodcut exclusively. My work is influenced by the rich religious, social and political history of printmaking and the "art for the people" stature it promotes.
    Debora Censi- São Paulo, Brazil
    Etching, lithogrophy, relief, monoprints, photo.
    Jeanne Norman Chase
    Jeanne Norman Chase - Florida, USA
    Mostly figurative in nature. etchings, wood engravings and wood block prints.
    Bobbi A. Chukran- Texas, USA
    I do both woodcuts and other types of relief prints (linoleum block prints and monoprints) using bold lines and bright, cheerful colors.
    Charles Coates - Jacksonville, Florida

    Charles Coates - Jacksonville, Florida
    My work consists of etchings and woodcuts of figures in the environment. Images are usually drawn directly onto the plate, without using any transfer method. Lolitas and bellydancers hold a particular interest for me. I draw on the influences of Whistler, Goya, Hogarth, and Dürer.

    Hilary Copeland-Glenn - WA, USA

    Hilary Copeland-Glenn - WA, USA
    Hilary has been an artist for 12 years and has been working in the printmaking medium for about 5. She is a native of Flagstaff, Arizona who has lived in Olympia, WA for two years. She enjoys employing visual puns, ironic humor, celestial objects and animals in her work. She also likes the Victorian era and Japanese things (good times and places for printmaking). She uses a variety of print mediums, but her favorite is intaglio, which consists of etching, aquatint, drypoint and engraving. This process is archaic, finicky, and indirect, requiring a particular type of meticulous personality to enjoy and execute it well (not to mention the ability to reverse everything in your head)

    Fabio Coruzzi - England, UK

    Fabio Coruzzi - England, UK
    I use screen printing mixed with other media like oil pastels, acrylics, markers, pens, pencils.

    Maria Adelina Costa
    Maria Adelina Costa - Santa Catarina
    Woodcuts, engravings, monoprints.
    Crown Point Press - CA, USA
    Fine arts print publisher and gallery founded by Kathan Brown in the 1960's. We have worked with many artists, from John Cage to Kiki Smith.
    Diane Cutter- Puerto Rico
    "I work in linocuts and monotypes. With linocuts I like to explore simplified images in black and white whereas with monotypes color is the main focus..."-Diane