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    Freda Fairchild - Kentucky, USA
    Freda Fairchild - Kentucky, USA
    I work with intaglio, viscosity and non etch intaglio. I typically use several plates in one image and seldom do editions.
    Andy Farkas
    Andy Farkas- Pennsylvania, USA
    Book arts, wood-cuts and engravings. My work focuses on stories and storytelling, enjoy.
    Fatima Ferreira- Lisbon, Portugal.
    " Generally I do etchings, aquatints, embossings and photopolymer plates. I belong to a group of printmakers, a portuguese association called Associação de Gravura Agua-Forte that has a workshop studio in Lisbon." - Fatima
    daved ferrell
    Daved Ferrell - Washington, USA
    Figurative narrations using personal archetypes in the medium of etching and serigraphy.
    Jo Field - printmakers thumbnail
    Joseph J Field - Wales, UK
    I work in a range of media but avoid toxic chemicals as much as possible. Many of my prints are mixed-media e.g. drypoint and collograph onto monoprints and monoprints onto frotage. The focus of my work is 'enlightenment' - physical, spiritual and scientific. I know it's out of fashion - but I am an evangelical Christian and you will see many Biblical themes in my work.
    Lawrence Finn- Sydney, Australia
    Lawrence Finn- Sydney, Australia
    "I specialise in lino cut and wood engraved work, and tend toward producing ugly stories for beautiful people or as one critic put it “sometimes wry observations of the contemporary Australian cultural condition”. My work is held in collections in Australia and overseas some of which are held in great esteem. I try to produce work that is both aesthetically reconciled and also has a slightly deeper level of discourse than the usual vacuous work that floods the mainstream art world. I don’t cater to the blue rinse set but as I get older I may give up on the struggle of explaining what I see and just make pretty pictures to Make a quick buck!" - Lawrence
    Bill Fisher - thumbnail
    Bill Fisher - Georgia, USA
    As a critique of the mechanisms of cultural domination, Fisher’s work aims to subvert the tools of hegemony. Recent experiments in shared authorship examine quantification of the individual and identity, cults of the intellect and the expert, and the cynicism of Empire
    Jessica Fortner
    Jessica Fortner - Ontario, Canada
    I do mostly relief printmaking, using Wood, Linoleum, Lumaboard, pretty much anything that I can cut into.
    Stacy frank
    Stacy Frank - California, USA
    Stacy's hand-pulled intaglio etchings and monoprints reflect her training in Scientific Illustration. Botanicals, landscapes, animals studies and nature-inspired abstracts make up the majority of her artwork.
    frazer thumbnail
    David Frazer - Victoria, Australia
    Australian printmaker/painter best known for his graphic work, primarily wood engraving and artist books. His work is narrative based, usually telling the story of an alienated rural guy stuck in a bleak rural landscape dreaming of escape. Although his landscape is typically Australian his story is universal.
    Rafael Frota thumbnail
    Rafael Frota- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Brazilian Printmaker specialized in Photogravure
    Kato Fumihiro- Japan
    Here are new style of fine prints and oil paintings.You can enjoy unique artworks that you have never seen before.
    Stephen Funk- Wisconsin, USA
    Stephen Funk- Oregon, USA
    Installations, etchings, woodcuts, and monotypes. Subjects include fantastical parade floats, and strange and amusing characters in visionary dreamscapes.