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    Gillyin Gatto- Maine, USA
    Gatto has been making woodcuts for over thirty years on a small woods homestead in downeast coastal Maine.Birds, animals, women and people working are her major subjects.
    Gillyin teaches and offers workshops at her studio/gallery in the warm seasons.
    Larry Giacoletti- New York, USA
    Woodcuts, Linoleum block prints, Monotypes, Silkscreens
    Alexandre Gigante- São Paulo, Brazil
    "I'm a visual artist working in engraving. For me the art is always amusement and it is part of the human knowledge. It is one of the humanities, if it is that the art is science, because so many times it is so chaotic and vibrant, that edges the animal. I like these oscillations. Nothing is eternal or absolute in the art. It only exists emotion, pleasure and some truth. The amount that is bearable. That is a replete revelations game. For who is willing to play, it is clear. - Alexandre
    Pale Boy
    Nick Glenn (Pale Boy) -Texas, USA
    I'm pretty focused on relief printing. My style is usually a single color lino or wood cut. I grew up drawing with pencils and charcoal. So when I made the transition into printmaking, single color (black mostly) prints came natural to me and allowed me to develop my style. I really appreciate the relief printing process because, to me, it's a combination of drawing and sculpture.
    Mark Graver - Northland New Zealand
    Mark Graver - Northland New Zealand
    Specialise in arylic resist etching, collagraph, carborundum. Courses and workshops in non toxic techniques
    Greek Printmakers' Association - Greece
    Greek Printmakers' Association - Greece
    Prints, exhibitions, publications, lectures, workshops from Greek Printmakers
    Rona Green- Melbourne, Australia
    Visual artist working primarily with printmedia including digital, intaglio, monotype, relief and screenprint.
    Vitaliy Gubarev - Russia
    Vitaliy Gubarev - Russia
    Russian printmaker of more than 40 years experience. His favorite printmaking technique is classical etching and color etching. The main theme of all his works - is a landscape, based on nature pencil drawing sketches, which he makes during his constant trips in Russia, Europe and USA.
    Juan Guerrero- Michoacan, Mexico
    "As a printmaker, I like to work in many media, from etchings to woodcuts, linocuts and, what I most enjoy, my "monoprints" where I can experiment and research in many different ways." -Juan