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    Tim Haley
    Tim Haley - British Columbia, Canada
    With a laser engraving, I cut matrixes on plexi-glass for intaglio printing and then create limited editions on paper using an etching press
    Michael Halldorson - California USA
    Michael Halldorson - California USA
    I am mainly into intaglio etching although I do a variety of techniques. I was fortunate enough to spend time with M.C. Escher before he passed away.
    hamanaka wood block print
    Takuji Hamanaka- New York, USA
    Japanese style waterbased woodblock.
    Pekka Hannula
    Pekka Hannula- Finland
    I do etchings in very traditional way. These are more like poetry or stories told richly by line. In a way my etchings are marks of honour for draftmanship. Normally I draw the plate by using only one simple needle from start to finish.
    Marcelle Hanselaar
    Marcelle Hanselaar- London, UK
    I love the violence of the scored etched line and the many layered dramatic possibilities of aquatint. That suits my subject matter: animal instincts and the female psyche. I like to show the rebellious, erotic, deviant, funny and cruel and secret side of people.
    Hatter, Raellyn
    Raellyn Hatter- Oregon, USA
    This one-woman press offers woodcut and block prints in single color and reduction processes, along with the occasional artist's book and some fiber art. "My first love has always been the figure, and how it can express so much through the body's own language. That is what I share with my work." - Raellyn Hatter, RedHeadPress
    doud haug
    Doug Haug - Colorado USA
    Relief printing and screen printing are my main focuses,
    Hauser, Sarah
    Sarah Hauser- New York, USA
    Offers Woodcuts, solarplate etchings, drypoint, frottage, monoprints and other printmaking processes, as well as drawing, mixed media, and sculpture.
    "My working process involves moving ideas from one medium to another. A drawing may become a print which will become a sculpture -- then the sculpture can inspire drawings which are collaged with printed backgrounds, which gives me further ideas for creating environments composed of many sculpted objects." - Sarah
    Hayden, Martha
    Martha Hayden- Wisconsin, USA
    "I am a painter who also makes etchings. I look for a surprise, a drama, a different way of seeing. Each print is a new work. I look for the relatedness of everything, trying not to see anything for itself alone, but as a part of the whole. I try to create excitement while ordering chaos."
    Mike Heenan
    Mike Heenan - USA
    Teacher and Printmaker.
    Nicole Hendricks
    Nicole Henderiks- Heikant, Netherlands
    Dutch artist offers etchings and woodcuts also drawings and paintings in pastel,pen and ink.
    John Hitchcock - Madison, Wisconsin
    John Hitchcock - Madison, Wisconsin
    Screenprint, relief, and installation based political prints
    Hoeritzsch, Juergen
    Juergen Hoeritzsch- Saxony, Germany
    I am working primary in woodcut and etching technique, specially aquatint. There are different ways which I use to etch a plate, I like the synthesis of metal and paper.