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    Linda Kelen- Wisconsin USA
    Printmaking is new to me but has a growing presence in my arting. Moku Hanga is simply addicting. I post as I print.
    Keller, Marisa
    Marisa Keller- Singapore
    Etchings, Woodcuts, Monotypes, Paintings and Installations of Dutch artist and printmaker Marisa Keller.
    She lives and works in Singapore and teaches printmaking part-time at the art college.
    K. Jordan Kelly - New York, USA
    Kevin J. Kelly - New York, USA
    A contemporary approach to a classical technique. Large scale, hand rubbed woodcuts.
    Barbara Kelley
    Barbara Kelley - California, USA
    Barbara is a printmaker, primarily monoprints, drypoint engravings and linocuts. She frequently incorporates found objects in prints. Her studio is located just a few hours north of San Francisco on the California coast
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    Shawna Khalily- Kentucky, USA
    Offers figurative color woodcuts.
    Carol Lynn Kirchner - Washington, USA
    Carol Lynn Kirchner - Washington, USA
    I am a traditional printmaker. Etched, engraved, mezzotint, linocut, wood engraved, or a combination of techniques. The subject of my work is often realistic, has some sort of story or reason to exist.
    Matthias Klemm - Germany
    Matthias Klemm - Germany
    Lithography, monotype and handmade offset prints, among other non-printmaking art types
    Koch, John
    John Koch- Wisconsin, USA
    Offers Woodcuts, Paintings and Stories.
    Peter Kocak - Slovakia, EU
    Peter Kocak - Slovakia, EU
    Manly dry points on copper, zink, aluminium, some more colours used often,figural,erotical,and abstract motives too,some linocuts,woodcuts,mezzotints too, mainly Ex librises created some 400 items finished .
    Caroline Koenders
    Caroline Koenders - Beek-Ubbergen, Netherlands
    As a printmaker I am specialized in mezzotint. But all non-toxic printmaking techniques have my interest. I like to experiment with unorthodox sizes and techniques.
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    Damon Kowarsky- Victoria, Australia
    Etchings on copper, mainly, with aquatint and scraper and all the other side effects of process and intention. Almost always figuration. People, and the objects that surround them.
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    Gary Krueger- Rielasingen, Germany
    Traditional Photogravure.
    sandra kruisbrink
    Sandra Kruisbrink - Amsterdam, Netherlands
    I make mostley lithography.
    I'm drawing, making landscapes and play with the different perspectives.
    The perception alternates between the long and the short view, between the large and the small and there is a continual interchange of distance and perspective
    Kyoto Woodprint Assoc
    Kyoto International Woodprint Association, KIWA - Kyoto, Japan
    Holding international competitions, building up a collection of comtempoary woodblock prints, holding related events every spring and fall, publishing a newsletter.