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    Langdon, Linden
    Linden Langdon- Tasmania, Australia
    "Do you ever stop learning? I enjoy working with etching and lithograph to begin with, but as with everything in lfe, I like to explore everything that comes my way!"
    Sharri LaPierre - Washington - USA
    Sharri LaPierre - Washington - USA
    Woodblock, color intaglio - solarplate and etchings, drypoint, aquatint. I like to combine media & technique and experiment, experiment, experiment.
    Jim Larimer
    Jim Larimer- Colorado, USA
    "I am a Printmaker who has a history of being an Oil Painter and Custom Furniture builder. So it should be no surprise that my work in printmaking is focused on woodcuts. I continue to push and explore this medium striving to achieve a mastery of technique and expression." - Jim
    Kimberly Lavon - MI United States
    Kimberly Lavon - MI United States
    My work is a product of Contemporary Sociology. As much as the human race has grown we still have many ills to overcome. Racism, sexism, Age discrimination, Prejudice. These are all irrational opinions that people today still harbor. It would be easy for many to continue to ignore this epidemic and focus on all the remarkable accomplishments the world contains. Alas that is not easy for everyone. People everywhere have been subjected to these injustices in some cases all of their lives. The inequality has to stop. My work brings this situation to the forefront. Don’t ignore it. Embrace the mistakes and make a change.
    Change the world.
    Gene Leavitt - British Columbia, Canada
    Gene Leavitt - British Columbia, Canada
    Hand printed relief prints, primarily wood engraving.
    Karon Leigh- Washington , USA
    I enjoy the spontaneity and instant gratification of monoprints. I have also been working with hand coloring on etchings and find the contrast of the fine line detail against the texture I can get with oil pastels to be quite fun. I often use printmaking as a basis for mixed media work. I would like to learn wood block printing and also incorporate digital images into my prints.
    Sanchia Lewis - London, UK Etching is my main medium, I work with nitric acid on zinc plates, the raw quality of the line that this produces, suits the nature of my work which is influenced by folk art and sometimes has a naive quality to it.
    Robin Lindsay - New Hampshire, USA
    Robin Lindsay - New Hampshire, USA
    Self portraiture in the form of silkscreens and etchings
    Susan Litsios- Vaud, Switzerland
    Works on wood blocks (reduction) and copper plates. Colors made from traditional pigments. Also enjoy doing monotypes.
    David Lowry
    David Lowry - Ireland
    Lino printing beginner from Ireland.
    Deborah Lynam - New Jersey, USA
    Deborah Lynam - New Jersey, USA
    Etchings, collographs and other prints
    Lyon, Mike
    Mike Lyon- Missouri, USA
    Mike Lyon (b. 1951): "I've felt driven to 'make stuff' my entire life. In recent years I've mostly been making Japanese technique woodblock prints (moku-hanga), although I continue to design and build wood tables, chairs, and similar. I'm nearing completion of my new press design and construction so I can print larger papers -- up to about 4 x 8 feet!" - Mike
    Lyons, Carol
    Carol Lyons- New York, USA
    "As an experimenter, planned chance and unpredictability, but not the bizarre, are the common elements in my art."What if...?" is what I ask myself. I wonder where this or that improbable process might lead and then I find out.
    I enjoy woodblock printing,monotypes, decalcomania, and "loopomania", all fanciful print creations " - Carol