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    Pacheco, Maria Lucia
    Maria Lucia Pacheco- Paraná, Bazil
    Gravuras em metal, linóleo, xilogravuras e litogravuras.
    palmer thumbnail
    Beth Palmer (ezerd)- New York, USA
    The themes and methods of my work vary based on where my attention is focused at the moment. I tend to work in two main strains - the science and psychology minded line of work and the more pop surrealist end of the spectrum. These two areas intertwine and diverge whenever necessary. The scope of my work also varies from postcards and miniature prints to full room installations.
    Debra James Percival
    Debra James Percival - Prince Edward Island, Canada
    I love any kind of printmaking that does not use solvents or acids. Most of my art work is in intaglio type,copper and aluminum etching,and collagraphy, but I play with all mediums when I get a chance.
    Perussi, Rose
    Rose Perussi- São Paulo, Brasil
    I am a printmaker. I am studying with the best in Brazil, Evandra Carlos Jardim. I am developing techniques with metal plates and burins to create my original works.
    Yuriy Pestov - California,USA
    Yuriy Pestov - California,USA
    Prints: collagraphs from found objects. Ething, intaglio, dry point, monoprint. Also, digital printmaking and other art through links.
    Philagrafika - Pennsylvania
    Philagrafika - Pennsylvania USA
    We are an organization in Philadelphia focused on the fine art printmaking. We publish the Philadelphia Invitational Portfolio each year, host exhibitions, coordinate public art projects and are planning an international festival celebrating the printed image in 2010
    Sarah Nicole Phillips- New York, USA
    Sarah Nicole Phillips- New York, USA
    Toronto born, Brooklyn-based printmaker. Etching is her specialty but she loves it all. Recent work revolves around an interest in environmental issues such as the promotion of sustainable energy sources. Her art does not offer a clear-cut instance of environmentally friendly education but instead resides in a realm between being informative, humorous and vaguely absurd.
    eva pietzcker
    Eva Pietzcker- Berlin, Germany
    Woodblock prints, intaglios, Photographs.
    One of my formal themes is light.
    Sarah Piper - Wisconsin, USA
    Sarah Piper - Wisconsin, USA
    My first love is for intaglio printmaking, but I also work in lithography and relief printing.
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    Carrie Ann Plank - California USA
    Multiple process prints (including lithography, silkscreen, etching, and monotype), paintings, and mixed media
    Peter Polaine - United Kingdom
    Peter Polaine - United Kingdom
    I make woodcut prints using an antique Columbian and Albion printing press,
    using handmade acid free paper.