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    Humberto Saenz - Texas, USA
    Through my art I aspire to grow as a person and also attempt to influence other people in a positive and meaningful way. Relating ideas, culture, and experiences to the public is a key element of my art. My art deals with moral issues, death, right and wrong, good and evil, social and political agendas which have affected me directly.
    Marilee Salvator - PA, USA
    Marilee Salvator - PA, USA
    A mixture of various media including etching, lithography, silkscreen, relief, monotype. Images are from childhood and work is autobiographical in nature.
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    Justin Sanz- New York, USA
    My work mostly consists of reduction and multiblock color woodcuts. It also includes some etching, lithography, and combinatons of old printmaking techniques with digital prints. My subject matter is for the most part dreamlike imagery I create..
    Fabio Sassi - Italy
    Xerox + stenciled acrylics
    Scannell, Aine - United Kingdom
    Aine Scannell- United Kingdom
    Aine makes bookart, art objects and 2d works and installations that incorporate intaglio screenprint and digital print and a plethora of materials. She participates in many international exhibitions and portfolio projects.
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    Michael Schmalzer- Arizona, USA
    My work ranges from monotypes to intaglio, some lithography, and digital work as well. I find that working in all forms of printmaking allows for more expression in my work.
    Scholes, Graham
    Graham Scholes- British Columbia, Canada
    Offers woodblock prints, paintings, sculpture, and an excellent source for 'How to' information. His site includes designs for art related equipment, methods, and techniques. Five stars!
    Scott, Una
    Una Scott- Massachusetts, USA
    My relief work is done on linoleum and woodblock, and I also make monoprints using additive and subtractive methods.
    salvation by shelley
    Lora Shelley- New York, USA
    Hand colored monotypes, woodcuts, linocuts and plexi-Etchings.
    Shimizu, Lynita
    Lynita Shimizu- Connecticut, USA
    Offers colorful, often playful, woodblock prints created by the traditional Japanese techniques of "moku hanga". Lynita studied under Tomikichiro Tokuriki in Kyoto in the mid-seventies and has been making woodcuts ever since.
    Robert Simola
    Robert Simola- California, USA
    For me, etching and block printing is poetry visualized. Coal-black ink in the grooves of a newly made plate wait to redeem imagination bathed, purified in the acid bath of reality, and completed blocks carved out of the substance of Plato's cave can stamp their image on the shadowed world we live in.
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    Annie Silverman- Massachusetts, USA
    Relief printmaking mostly multiple plate woodcut in an improvisational mode where plates are made and used as tools in various prints
    The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts -
    The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts -
    Skopelos Island, Greece
    Offers a full facility for printmakers, and many other mediums.
    Alex Slotzkin - Hawaii, USA
    Alex Slotzkin - Hawaii, USA
    Wood and lino blocks,i hand print my blocks mostly on kozo paper.some prints i watercoler and after sizing i chine colle them on westren paper.
    Graham Smith-London, U.K.
    Mainly linocuts. A variety of of subject base, marine, townscape, figurative and also artists books.
    John H Smith - Washington, USA
    John H Smith - Washington, USA
    I concentrate on traditional mezzotint, line etching and aquatint.
    Pedro Somera - Málaga, Spain
    Pedro Somera - Málaga, Spain
    Workshop Malagan artist Pedro Somera, specializing in etching and aquatint engravings. Curriculum, printed one, several inks. Collections: Trades, Ronda, Malaga, Andalusia, Popular, Ancient, Modern and Originals.
    The Southwest Press - Colorado, USA
    The Southwest Press - Colorado, USA
    Original multiblock and reduction block relief prints primarily of the southwestern United States
    Jo Spaul - Norfolk, England
    Jo Spaul - Norfolk, England
    I mostly work in lino, enjoying the process of taking away the light areas of the image and leaving untouched areas to receive the ink. There is a strong natural theme within my work, especially birds, but more recently, local coastal views.
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    Guy Spencer - WA, USA
    Wood cuts mostly, some wood engraving. Metal etching and engraving experience. I don't have a press all my prints are hand burnished.
    Spiridonova, Tsvetelina - Bulgaria
    Tsvetelina Spiridonova- Bulgaria
    mix media, etching, mezotint, prege, lithography, dry point needle, etc.
    Martin Stankewitz - Germany
    Martin Stankewitz - Germany
    I am Martin Stankewitz a printmaker in Germany. I run a printing venture, called EDITION HANDDRUCK, specialised on handprinted monotypes. I do outdoor sketches amd drawings and turn them into monotype prints. I do not use a press, all my prints are hand pulled from a glass plate.
    I have an english spoken site on Squidoo on monotype printing. My German weblog is at
    Richard Steiner
    Richard Steiner- Kyoto, Japan
    Modern images, but no abstracts, in the traditional Japanese carving and printing techniques
    Cynthia Stephenson-Gibbs
    Cynthia Stephenson-Gibbs - Virginia, USA
    All types of print media using traditional as well as alternative methods. Focus recently has been on intaglio, linocut, and collograph techniques or a combination of the these to create imagery. Varied subject matter.
    Jae Sullivan- Ithaca, New York
    H. Peter Kahn Fellow and Associate of The Ink Shop Printmaking Center, Ithaca, NY, Member Baren Forum; work primarily in monotype and relief.
    Swinghammer, Marissa Lee -
    Marissa Lee Swinghammer- Massachusetts, USA
    I am a fine art printmaker living in Boston, Massachusetts with my husband and too many pets. My studio is in my home where I create each piece by hand.
    While I have always been a creative, artistic person, I didn't discover my love for woodcut printmaking until after I graduated from art school. It has quickly become my passion.
    Most of my time goes into making highly detailed, colorful one of a kind prints. My printmaking methods are unorthodox, modern and exciting. I use eye catching color and intricate layering to draw the viewer in for a closer look. My prints are in private collections all over the world.