Featured Printmaker Showcase Two
    Debra James Percival - You Are Energized 2008

    Artist: Debra James Percival
    Title: "Your Energized" 2008
    Medium: Mixed media: back ground is mono-printing with vegetation, the foreground image is wood cut.
    Size: 11x27 inches
    Edition: 1/10 varied edition

    I love to play with an idea with many variations. This image began with a photo shut of children playing in the snow on a playground. It wasn't until later at home looking at the photos did I notice the figure of a child standing off to the side by them-self. The image of the child touched me so much that I have used the figures posture of tired sadness in a number of my resent prints and photo collages this year. Everyones spirit needs to be energized now and then.

    Debra James Percival - Prince Edward Island, Canada
    I love any kind of printmaking that does not use solvents or acids. Most of my art work is in intaglio type,copper and aluminum etching,and collagraphy, but I play with all mediums when I get a chance.