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    Marjolein Terwindt - Nederland
    Marjolein Terwindt - Nederland
    I make woodcut-prints.
    Subjects are things, animals, landscapes that are important for me.
    Or that I find interesting and of wich I want to understand the form better.
    I start with making drawings from my subject. It is fascinating to see the lines change into printed lines during the process.
    Thea Tomczyk - Delaware, USA
    Thea Tomczyk - Delaware, USA
    I'm a visual artist who, inspired by an awesome printmaking instructor in art college, only started dabbling in linocut and silkscreen, favoring lithography and experimenting with drypoint within the past two years. Most of my work is usually designed 50% by hand and %50 by computer, but 100% pulled by hand because I love making a mess.
    Susan Trubow
    Susan Trubow - California, USA
    I approach printing a Serigraph (screenprint) like solving a puzzle. I first work out my subject matter and format. Then I proceed solving the puzzles presented responding to the effects that happen as I print one stencil over another. I average approximately 15 stencils per print.
    Turner, Myron
    Myron Turner- Manitoba, Canada
    I make primarily black and white woodcut prints, using oil-based inks. For the past 5 years my subjects have been based on zoomed digital images. While I've worked with photo and computer-based media for many years, I've been making woodcuts almost continuously since 1978.