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    Crystal Wagner
    Crystal Wagner - Tennessee, USA
    I utilize all forms of printmaking for their ablility to produce the 'multiple' which offers me the option for collage, sculptural and installation work. More often then not, even though the work may be primarily composed of printed image, I often find myself cutting into the work and I include other materials and overlap. I find it more useful as as element, a peice, rather than an editioned print.
    Julia Wakefield - South Australia
    Julia Wakefield - South Australia
    I specialise in wood engraving, etching and photopolymer (solarplate).
    Walden, Mandy - Suffolk, England
    Mandy Walden- Suffolk, England
    I have a large etching press in a very small studio and make highly detailed hand coloured collagraph prints of the suffolk coast and wildlife (paticularly hares!) And they all have a story to tell!
    Walker, Angela - Upper Hutt, New Zealand
    Angela Walker- Upper Hutt, New Zealand
    Offfers original limited edition etchings.
    Walker, George
    George Walker- Ontario, Canada
    Wood engraving and Book Works. George walker is the author of the Woodcut Artist's Handbook.
    Haya Weisshaus - Isreal
    Haya Weisshaus - Isreal
    Etching, engraving, lithogrophy, relief, monoprints, (including paper making from natural fibers incorporated in the prints
    Welch, Kathe
    Kathe Welch- California, USA
    I am a printmaker and painter living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I teach Art at the middle school level. My work deals with many major themes from relationships to industrial stuff and beyond.
    Scott Westhoven - Michigan, USA
    Scott Westhoven - Michigan, USA
    I have a degree in fine art printmaking from Kent State University. I mostly focus in Intaglio/Relief, but I have been trained in silk, and litho. Currently I focus on landscapes that I photograph transforming the image into various states to show change. All my images are hand drawn with no photo transfer techniques used
    Keith Whetstone - Illinois USA
    Keith Whetstone - Illinois USA
    Screen-printed fine art, apparel and ephemera.
    Clare Whitney - Victoria, Australia
    Clare Whitney - Victoria, Australia
    I have a fascination for nature, and the patterns and cyles that life follows, constanly changing...yet repeating itself...I prefer to use dry-point etching techniques.
    Amanda Williams - Western Australia
    Amanda Williams - Western Australia
    I'm a printmaker and painter living and working in the beautiful Chittering Valley, just north of Perth in Western Australia.
    Williams, Catherine
    Catherine Williams- Bristol, UK
    "I use various techniques to create my images, but fundamentally I use intaglio methods, etching and carborundum. My images are created as a response to landscapes and seascapes of Great Britain. " - Catherine
    Williams, Lezle
    Lezle Williams- New Mexico, USA
    Laughing Crow Studio focuses on relief printmaking with an emphasis on woodcuts, wood engraving, and non-toxic printmaking.
    Ros Williams - Isle of Wight, U.K.
    Ros Williams - Isle of Wight, U.K.
    Drypoint,etching, collagraph, photopolymer, lino, screenprint and monotype. I sometimes print on my own handmade papers and produce books. I teach printmaking, papermaking and bookbinding.
    s williams
    Sandra Williams- NSW Australia
    I often use the monotype technique as it allows overlays of transparent colour, sgraffito and impressed textures. I also use other safer printmaking techniques such as photopolymer & metal plate etched with ferric chloride or copper sulphate when greater refinement of drawing and image development is needed.
    Andreas Wolkerstorfer
    Andreas Wolkerstorfer - Österreich
    Woodcuts and linocuts.
    Womack, Jean
    Jean Womack- California, USA
    My printmaking is woodcuts, linocuts and etchings, primarily about landscapes and race horses.